Horses not allowed in Maplewood: city

Maplewood city staff recently received a request by a resident to keep a horse. An item on the city council agenda for Tuesday strengthens the ordinance that allows chickens, to allow only chickens, and no other farm animals.

The council will also consider granting a permit to allow Tong Moon of Kimcheese restaurant to operate a restaurant at 7405 Manchester Road, the former My Happy Place location. Planning and zoning approved the permit with a 6-0 vote.

Also on the agenda, the latest graduates of the Maplewood Citizen’s Academy will be awarded their certificates. They are: Heather Benz, Jessey DeVaney, Jon-Erik Hansen, Heidi Hellmuth, Evan Loveless, Arnav Moudgil, Kathleen Rumme and Linda Webb.

See the full agenda for the Tuesday meeting.

9 thoughts on “Horses not allowed in Maplewood: city

  1. A goat on a leach would be great to eat all the honeysuckle in our area. Plus it could be rented out to clean up some yards.

  2. I saw someone with a miniature horse at the park at Greenwood park one day a few weeks ago. It was about the size of my dog. I see no reason why it would not be allowed, it seemed well behaved.

  3. However, it does then go on to say, “This ordinance prohibits farm type animals in the city except for chickens which are governed in Section 10-3.” So likely a typo by adding the word “not.” But still needs to be clarified.

  4. “ITEM NO. 18, is an ordinance amending Chapter 10 – Animals and Fowl, Section 10-2 – Raising certain animals prohibited. Staff recently received a request to have a horse within the city limits. After review of our present ordinances, it was determined that the language for animals prohibited within the city limits needs to be strengthened in that horses are not prohibited.”

    It took me two reads, but according to the agenda this is allowing horses.

  5. The more interesting part of the ordinance revision, includes banning miniature farm animals as well. I don’t see why there is a need for banning mini goats or pot bellied pigs. Do we really have to regulate pet preferences? One person’s dog is another person’s pig is another person’s chicken.