How MRH handles evolution/creationism; Brentwood to follow

Candidates for the Brentwood School Board took part in a League of Women Voters forum last week; one question they were asked was how evolution vs. creationism should be taught. Later, a resident challenged their opinions — most said teach both — in an open letter.

Both Brentwood and Maplewood Richmond Heights schools responded to a letter from 40 South asking how evolution and/or creationism is taught in their schools.

MRH Director of Communications Brian Adkisson replied with an answer. Brentwood Principal Ed Johnson said they are on spring break, and would like to discuss it next week.

The MRH response to how evolution and/or creationism is taught:

“Evolution is a component of the overall science curriculum and taught as part of those classes. Creationism would be integrated as part of a larger discussion of various world religions and their respective beliefs in various social science classes.”

9 thoughts on “How MRH handles evolution/creationism; Brentwood to follow

  1. It is a misleading headline- creationism is not “taught,” it is discussed in World History as part of an exploration of world religions, which includes many creation myths/stories. It is not “taught” as part of the science curriculum. This is a public school system- the title draws readers in by inferring that the schools are teaching religious ideals. It’s pretty sophomoric journalism.

    • Thanks for your comment, Marie — it’s a tricky topic. I edited the headline.

    • Yeah Doug! No way anyone could reasonably associate discussion as a form of teaching. Words only have one meaning. In the future, please consult Marie on what that meaning is. Also please take into account readers’ personal biases when writing headlines of articles and make them devoid of anything that might make us want to read the article.
      But in all seriousness, for anyone who thinks that insulting the editor makes you look smart or edgy, it doesn’t. It just makes you look bad.

  2. There is no way creationism is being taught at MRH as a scientific theory. Perhaps it is taught as a creation myth along with all of the others?

    • Certainly where evolution is inculcated in young impressionable minds there ought to be included the many scientific evidences undermining the hypothesis. Since when did a monopoly of thought dominate historic (forensic) science where assumptions abound and lack of repetition prevails?

  3. What about this is fake? Are you accusing Mr. Miner of making up quotes for Mr. Adkisson or Mr. Johnson? Just because you didn’t get the article you were expecting doesn’t mean this is “fake news.” Fake means fake, not disappointing.

  4. This would definitely be listed as fake news. First, the misleading title followed by absolutely nothing in the story itself. Evolution is taught in science classes and creationism as a concept/ idea is taught in social science classes.

    • I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. This article is just a statement of facts, MRH teaches evolution, talks about creationism as a separate, unrelated topic. That is “How MRH teaches evolution/creationism.” Brentwood school district did not respond, but will, and therefore are “to follow”. Nothing fake about it.

      • Fake news attempts to mislead the reader to draw inaccurate conclusions. Most people assume the debate is “creationism in science class” so if it says MRH teaches creation, the assumption is that it is in science, not mythology.