Infant dies in unlicensed day care in Maplewood: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that police found an infant in cardiac arrest in the 3600 block of Cambridge Avenue at an unlicensed home day care in Maplewood.

Police found toddlers in playpens with heavy shelving and crates on top to keep them from “escaping,” according to police and court documents.

“Firefighters and paramedics found the girl “cool to the touch,” with blue lips and “compression marks” on her face,” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Monday afternoon.

Read the full post in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

16 thoughts on “Infant dies in unlicensed day care in Maplewood: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  1. It doesn’t matter how you phrase it or what the circumstances were, putting anything on top of a crib or playpen IS negligent. The women admitted to doing this to the reporter, if the Police are phrasing it as cages, they are not far off.

  2. I live in the 3600 block of Cambridge and am well acquainted with the owner of the daycare where the tragic death of a baby occurred. All of us are heartbroken for the parents and anyone involved.

    I’m in a wheelchair so my experience is from my front porch. I’ve heard nothing but joy and laughter coming from that house. Occasionally she will bring a couple of kids by to say hello to my dog, who barks his hellos and everyone laughs.

    On a personal note. The owner sort of adopted me when it became difficult for me to get around. She takes out my trash containers and returns them, will text from the store to see if I need anything, will untangle my dog if he gets wrapped around a bush, etc. Tells me to call anytime I need something.

    In my experience, she is a sweet, caring woman from a good family who would never do anything intentionally to hurt anyone. God only knows what happened that day but I know she was hysterical when the police arrived and I believe they jumped to some harsh conclusions.

    I hope it’s helpful to see the other side of this person. I believe the media is doing what they do best, sensationalizing.

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  3. Unlicensed daycare + infant death = arrest warrant. The MWPD needs to step it up here!

    • Maplewood Police Dept are too busy hounding people about expired tags or being racist pigs instead of catching oh let’s say, car burgalars, robberies, or God forbid helping people and children stay safe. Maplewood in its old Mayberry way of thinking sucks! Wake up people we need to work together for all of us to have a better place to live. If you don’t like blacks, Hispanics, biracials or anyone ethnic, then you shouldn’t be policing nor living in Maplewood. You racists are not making anything better and surely not keeping non whites away

      • Why-oh-Why,does almost Everything have to go ” The Racist” route!?!? Fed up with this lame, Ol, excuse and entitlement Bs!!!

        • Cindy, just because racism doesn’t effect YOU doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge issue. “Entitlement Bs” alone is a racist statement because you are assuming that all non-white people are receiving “entitlements” (by that I guess you are using that “lame, Ol, excuse” about welfare, food stamps etc…) Educate yourself. I take that back. Given all of your odd punctuation and bizarre capitalizations it is obvious that you are a one of Trump’s beloved “poorly educated”.

          • And….BTW. I didn’t mention one thing about Entitlement, food stamps, Politics or anything else. My, you seem defensive and bitter. Stop putting words in other peoples mouths, just because they bring up a different opinion than yours. Funny too, you bring up Trump. Hilarious! But if you must know…I AM a Huge supporter. When can you claim the economy has been better? Tell me, when has gas been this low…Why wouldn’t you be FOR that?! As I said previously, enough is enough is enough. I’m not going to engage in any further banter. PEACE.

  4. a different version of what went on between the police report and the day care operator’s report.

    The parents never stopped by for a drop in check up of the way things were being done there? I cannot imagine turning over my child to someone without some investigating.

    The fact that she is moving concerns me that she may disapear somehow, somewhere.

    so sad. Lets see what the facts turn up

  5. I don’t know this woman. But, I think that before anyone jumps to a conclusion of negligence they should let the authorities do the job they are trained to do and stop trusting the emotion of a media outlet designed to grab our attention.?

    • As a media lit specialist- you’re absolutely correct. People start up a witch hunt without knowing all the facts.

    • Still gathering up facts I am sure. Made me wonder about it being sudden infant death? Autopsy will take some time and they will want to make sure it is done right.

      • I mean, wouldn’t she at least be charged for keeping children in dangerous makeshift cages in an unlicensed daycare/possibly being drunk while running a daycare? And it seems from the story she’s trying to flee by moving.

  6. This horrible tragedy shocks and saddens. Thinking of those poor children right in our neighborhood where we didn’t see. There are no more words. Why is it just being reported now?