Introducing myself – Dorene Olson, animal behaviour consultant, blogger

Merlin 004Hello! My name is Dorene Olson and I am an animal behaviour consultant in the St. Louis area.  Doug and I moved from to Doug’s new project, which I am so excited about and happy for Doug!

I live in West County but am a vicarious resident of Brentwood/Maplewood, and will happily be blogging on many different topics, usually with an animal base to them.

Doug and I met through our local backyard chicken meetup list, of which we are both members.  I am so honoured and excited to be invited to blog – and any feedback or suggestions will be enthusiastically accepted and worked on.

I am hugely involved in the animal rescue community –

At 10 a.m. on Saturday I am joining a crew that has been assembled to attempt to catch and rescue four domestic (non-flying) Pekin ducks that were dumped at a very dangerous park on a river bend – and also have a Canada goose management company, so every day is a different day for me, and I thrive on the wonderful humans that I meet along the way.  I look forward to getting to know this audience, too, and welcome any bids for help or offers to help in my rescue endeavors, TIA.

I’ll include a picture of myself and my Border Collie, Meryln.  I drove to TN to pick up “Rock” from his chain where he endured Katrina on the back of his doghouse on a 4″ chain.  He did not work as a Canada goose management dog (sound phobic) so I placed him with a friend of mine who does therapy and hospice work with him, when you see his face, you will see.  I had re-named him Merlyn (figured he needed some magic in his life) and he lives the life of a prince.

More to come, I am so excited to be a part of this project!

Dorene Olson

TARA Training and Behavior, LLC 314.956.1310

2 thoughts on “Introducing myself – Dorene Olson, animal behaviour consultant, blogger

  1. Thank you KAM – I so enjoy this venue! Tomorrow I am going to try to rescue 4 domestic Pekin ducks who have been dumped on a river bend in a nasty bad part of George Winter Park. There is a suspicious man in a grey truck who is constantly there and the ducks have gotten very unfriendly and wary of their feeder-person, retreating to an island where they have never been before, it seems rather dire, wish us luck!

  2. So glad to see you here, Dorene–always loved your stories about Canada goose rescue! Merlyn is beautiful!