Isn’t it hard to have your kid at work with you?

Whenever I explain my job to people, this is the first question I get. The answer is, yes. Sometimes it’s VERY hard, and I have to pull patience out of places I never even knew I had. However, it’s also awesome.

blogI’m very lucky to have such a strange, wonderful, niche job. I’m a hairstylist, but instead of working in a typical salon, I work in a photography studio, resource center for families and parents, local-made/natural living/mom&baby boutique, AND salon. I know. Most people have to ask again just to be clear, and it may seem like an odd combination, but it’s an amazing one. I don’t only do hair at work. I also parent, run this blog, help in the boutique, facilitate our story-craft time and much more. It’s a lot, but it’s very fulfilling.

There are always little ones running about or cooing and laughing to keep us entertained, friends stopping in to visit, incredibly knowledgeable people teaching classes, events to prepare for, appearances to transform, and people to help. It’s our own little community. We get to know and love our customers, and they often stop in during a busy day of errands just to relax and let their kids play for a bit while they soak up some interaction with fellow parents.

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