January is National Train Your Dog Month

For those who got Christmas puppies, it can not be a more aptly named month, as the potty training efforts get hampered by the outdoor cold and those little needle-sharp teeth get old.  With the larger and older puppies, suddenly the jumping up is not so cute anymore.

Victoria Stilwell (https://positively.com/) is a very successful and popular British trainer whose positive training methods are featured on her Animal Planet show: It’s Me or the Dog. Victoria and I both share the same philosophy of positive training, and do not use methods based on force, fear, pain or punishment.  Beware those trainers that do.

So pick up those treats and go out and train your dog! Older dogs can always use some brushing up on manners, and training can be a very rewarding, relationship-building game to continue to bond your relationship with your dog.  Happy Teaching!

Dorene Olson is a St. Louis based animal behavior consultant and trainer.

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