Jimmy John’s is remodeling not closing

The windows at Jimmy John’s, in Maplewood, were papered over recently; it’s because the fast food restaurant is remodeling, said a man hard at work in the store on Sunday. He said it’s been open 10 years and is time for sprucing up.

He said it might reopen on Thursday. The location changed hands in July 2015.

4 thoughts on “Jimmy John’s is remodeling not closing

  1. To bad they’re not closing. Junk sandwiches for expensive and they don’t even put it in a bag or give you a napkin!

    • There are bags and napkins available at the end of the counter where you pick the sandwich up.

    • Lemarr, Thanks for the info. I really thought hard about whether or not I should get JJs for lunch today, but after reading your post I figured it out. I’m going to get an Italian Night Club because it’s freaking good. And thanks to Mark, I know where to get a bag and napkin. I didn’t know where to find those in the store, and being socially awkward, couldn’t raise myself to actually ask a worker for either.
      Lemarr, please keep up the good fight and keep renouncing sub-par overly priced sandwiches on a public, yet somewhat obscure, forum!

      • There are great local sandwich places nearby (Gioia’s, Mom’s), but for Maplewood chain options give me Jimmy Johns over Subway any day. The Italian Night Club never lets me down.