Juvenile punches woman for refusing to hand over keys at Galleria

Richmond Height Police have reported that a juvenile punched an 84-year-old woman  for refusing to hand over her car keys on Saturday at the Galleria. The juvenile and three other juveniles fled, and the woman flagged down a security guard.

From the Richmond Heights Police on Facebook: At about 3:00 p.m. (Saturday) an 84-year-old female was walking to her car on the south end of the Galleria parking garage’s second level. When she arrived at her car, with keys in hand, she was approached by four juveniles, two males and two females, who demanded her keys. When she refused to surrender her keys, one of the juvenile males punched her. The juveniles then ran from the area.

The victim then got in her car and drove through the parking lot until she was able to flag down a Galleria Security Officer, who called the Richmond Heights Police Department.

The victim suffered only minor injuries.

One of the females is described as wearing a red shirt or jacket with dark colored pants. The other female and the two males were wearing dark clothing. All were between 120 to 150 pounds with the males being about 5’5″ and the females being slightly shorter. All were African-American.

As the investigation continues if anyone has any information regarding this incident they are asked to call the Richmond Heights Police Department’s Crime Tip Line at 314-655-3555.

6 thoughts on “Juvenile punches woman for refusing to hand over keys at Galleria

  1. ♫ Meet me in St. Louie, Louie, we’ll carjack your car.
    Then you can take the MetroLink to to nearest ER ♫

  2. When I read news like this, I think of the movie, “Escape From New York”, where the city is populated by only vicious criminals.

    • When I read news like this I think of the 1979 movie “Warriors” where all the street gangs in NYC are wreaking havoc on the subway and out number the police three to one… BTW Escape from New York was filmed in St. Louis