Larder & Cupboard to close

Cindy Higgerson, owner of Maplewood business Larder & Cupboard, announced on Instagram that she has decided not to renew her lease and will close after the business day on Dec. 30.

She said she will continue to work with local artisans and take her goods to farmers markets.

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It is with a heavy heart, that I must announce my decision to not renew my lease and close the Larder & Cupboard brick and mortar storefront. The retail store will be open through Monday, December 30th. Although I am sad to close our storefront, I am excited about the future and the opportunity to continue to work with our local community artisans. I will continue to supply my wholesale customers, and you will still be able to find Larder & Cupboard and our products at local farmer’s markets, pop-ups, events, and retail partners, such as Union Studio. My next market is scheduled for January 25th at Schlafly Bottleworks. Watch for more announcements at the end of January. . 🍓. I am proud of what Larder & Cupboard has brought to St. Louis, and I loved being part of Maplewood’s thriving small business community for the past five years. I will miss our neighbors and our customers, and I will forever cherish the relationships I have built with all of the small producers and artisans. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the support and for making my time in Maplewood so memorable. . 🍓. I ask you to continue your support for Larder & Cupboard and our local artisans by helping us sell the remaining inventory. In addition to the remaining inventory, many of the store’s fixtures and displays will be on sale, including, the rustic farm table and the vintage/reclaimed wood pieces. Sales start Thursday, December 26th, with a few exceptions. I will be posting more details about sales on social media, so keep an eye out. . 🍓. Due to the closing of the storefront, all gift certificates must be redeemed by December 30th. . 🍓. Thank you for your continued love and support, Cindy Higgerson

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8 thoughts on “Larder & Cupboard to close

  1. I hate to be dramatic, but it will be hard to go on without their excellent strawberry jam. Strawberry with lemon verbena, perfectly balanced. I’ll miss many things, but the loss of that jam is hard to think about.

    • We are so glad you love our jam! Have no fear, you can still purchase our Strawberry Lemon Verbena Jam, as well as all of our other housemade products! You can still find us at local Farmers Markets, including the upcoming winter Schlafly Market on January 25th. We will be at several markets around town, as well as several retail partners. Follow us on Instagram, FB, or twitter to find out where to find us!

  2. She was obviously trying to maximize her cash flows as the end was clearly in sight. Rent is too damn high! – Jimmy McMillan

  3. While I appreciate our local businesses and was glad to sometimes shop at Larder & Cupboard, I do think it is very poor practice to sell gift certificates up until Christmas, announce you are closing the day after Christmas, and on the 30th, and then not redeem them at a later date. How many customers purchases GCs in the days leading up to Christmas? How would those customers even know they only had three days to redeem them?

    Sadly this kind of thing leads to NOT buying GCs to small businesses, though I suppose you could make the argument for any business.

    • We agree that it would be poor practice to sell gift certificates right up to closing and through the holidays. However, we did NOT sell Gift Certificates this Holiday Season, nor last Christmas either. We sold very few certificates earlier this year and only a couple had not been redeemed.