Last week’s top posts: plan for trail rejected, Parkmoor, Iron Nest

The post on Great Rivers Greenway’s rejection of Maplewood’s list of stipulations to proceed with a trail through Maplewood was the top-read post last week. The Parkmoor in the news and the closing of The Iron Nest in Brentwood followed in the top 10.

  1. Great Rivers Greenway rejects Maplewood proposal
  2. Parkmoor, MRH, robbery in the news
  3. The Iron Nest is closing
  4. Demolition, construction and rehab in Richmond Heights
  5. Artists First artist honors Maplewood Police with painting, officer buys it
  6. Candy shop owner backs out — not coming to Maplewood
  7. Maplewood History: The McGregor Bakery and the Family Behind It
  8. Big Bend Liquor to open next week: employee
  9. Great Rivers Greenway giving Maplewood a 2nd chance
  10. Police report arrest for illegal oxycodone purchase

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