Last week’s top-read posts

A business closing, and one coming is the top-read news in 40 South last week. MRH parents blocking an intersection going to school was second.

  1. Maplewood business closing — what’s coming is “exciting”
  2. ECC parents blocking intersection: police
  3. 4 Brentwood city employees fired in one day, sources say
  4. Maplewood P&Z to consider condo proposal
  5. Brentwood removes houses
  6. Brentwood considered 6 others to be laid off in November
  7. 2 options to connect Maplewood to greenway presented
  8. Condos to be ‘commercial’ condos; more from Maplewood P&Z
  9. Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights sales tax rates among 5th highest (2014)
  10. Crowds for the Maplewood Christmas Tree Walk

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