Last year for Maplewood’s Christmas house

John and Pat Hendel, on Ellis Avenue in Maplewood, have again decorated their two-story home for Christmas. It’s visible from the Manchester – Big Bend intersection. But they say this is the last year. They’re planning on moving in 2018.

They also said this is also a big year because their house turns 150 this year. John said he thinks it’s the third-oldest home in Maplewood.

He said it takes anywhere from three days to three weeks to do the decorations. Santa on the roof and the scenes on the second floor are the hardest to put up — they’re heavy.

They’ve done the decorations for most of the 30 years that they’ve lived there.

John and Pat Hendel

19 thoughts on “Last year for Maplewood’s Christmas house

  1. Used to live on Flora and loved looking at the lights from the back yard. Unfortunately I moved to south county, but still made a point to drive by with the kiddo. Moved far away again a few months ago, but have an appointment in the city next week and will be coming by again and taking lots of pictures for memories❤

  2. I have taken many friends by your house over the years including international visitors….just took my gran nieces visiting from Richmond VA. Thank you. I will miss seeing it. Loved Santa and his Reindeer!

  3. John and Pat, I actually have tears in my eyes as I write this Thank You. As everyone else has said, we are going to miss your wonderful lights that seem to make our whole city glow! But even more, our “Ellis Family” is going to miss YOU. That Christmas Spirit of love and joy and laughter and giving that you show all year long will be greatly missed by all of us! If, by some Christmas Miracle, you should decide to use your Bourbon house as a weekend getaway, and stay here……you will hear sighs of relief going up all around you. Blessings…..Jill

  4. Thank you John and Pat for the Christmas cheer you bring all of us! My kids love it when the “Christmas house” goes up. We make a point to drive past your house each year.

  5. Thank you for the years of magic and your generosity in the sharing. May your new home become a place of holiday delight and pilgrimage. Best to you and your family!

  6. Aunt Pat Uncle John, Say it ain’t so… Y’all have done a beautiful job my whole life I’ve always admired it and had the pleasure of growing up in that gorgeous home. Great job. Love you guys and hope you find as much happiness in ur new place.. Much love, Dani

  7. You house has always been so special for my girls growing up. I hope you enjoy your new place, tell the new owners the lights are important. I did not realize your home was that old, how wonderful.

  8. The sketch and plans with all deco must be included in the contract! It’s tradition! Priceless!
    The best to you both in your new home! Thank you for so many years of wonder and amazement during the holidays! Diane & Skip

  9. John and Pat,
    Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing the many years of your families Christmas spirit with us. That corner will never be the same. All the best in your new home. Come back and visit us often.

  10. Will most defiantly miss this awesome part of Christmas every year. Wish you the best on your move. We’ve loved seeing your home every year.

  11. My family has lived in Maplewood for over 30 years and I have always loved the effort people put into making the homes here so festive! I have especially enjoyed seeing your home on Christmas! It always makes my heart smile! Best of luck and happiness in tour new home.

  12. The Hendel’s should put in the sales contract that the new owner must display the lights….. 🙂
    (Kind of like the house in Webster Groves that has a signature book for Trick o’ Treaters on Halloween. That tradition has lasted through three different owners) Thanks for the effort all of these years! We have lived in Maplewood for 19 years and love the display.

  13. We’ll be in the market soon and would love to keep the tradition going. 🙂 Thanks for brightening so many holiday seasons!

  14. Always have looked forward to seeing this every year since I moved to Maplewood in 1999. Thanks for your spirit and efforts, and good luck on your future adventures!

  15. John and Pat Hendal,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful holiday memories your decorations have provided our community for all these years! Our family will miss them very much. Our favorites are the Eskimos.

  16. Thank you to this wonderful family who has brightened the holiday season for all who visit their house each year. It’s a must-see on my list every year. THANK YOU!!