Laundromat moving in Maplewood

The laundromat at 3620 S. Big Bend Boulevard, the Big Bend Coin Laundry, will close when the new one opens at the old QuikTrip location, 3010 S. Big Bend — it’s the same owners, according to an employee in the current location. She was folding clothes there at around 8 a.m. on Thursday.

She said the owners are looking forward to the larger building and parking lot. The current laundromat shares a lot with Porter’s Fried Chicken and The Cue billiard hall.   She said more, larger (100-pound capacity) washing machines are planned. The move is set for May or June.

According to St. Louis County records, the building at 3010 S. Big Bend was purchased in Nov. 2015 for $1,115,00. In 2016 $34,978 was paid in property taxes.

She couldn’t comment on machine use prices at the new spot, such as the free driers at the current location.

Big Bend Coin Laundry

Big Bend Coin Laundry

Plans for the new laundromat at 3010 S. Big Bend

4 thoughts on “Laundromat moving in Maplewood

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  2. Wonderful!! It is sometimes difficult to get baskets of clothes out of the car at the present location due to the parking lot. Maybe they can put a chicken restaurant in the old facility!

    • Yes, another chicken shack or perhaps a check cashing store or liquor store would be a good fit with the pool hall next door….