Lease signed for new Taco Bell

Dan Lesseg, who owns the property in Maplewood where Tim Hortons built a shop and operated until it closed in December, has said Taco Bell signed a lease on Tuesday.

The news that Taco Bell was moving there (2750 S. Big Bend Boulevard) from the 6660 Manchester Avenue location broke in April, when employees from there and other locations said it was impending. At the time an employee at the 6660 Manchester Avenue location said it would happen around November 2018.

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Rendering of the Taco Bell Maplewood location, via Taco Bell.


9 thoughts on “Lease signed for new Taco Bell

      • KFC’s chicken just isn’t very good these days, and *all* of their sides have always been pretty awful. There’s fantastic chicken with really good sides at the Popeyes in Brentwood. There is also very good chicken at Porter’s in Maplewood. I’ve never been to Gus chicken across from Planet Score Records, but I hear that it’s good too, though like Popeyes, pricey. I’d never buy boneless chicken, but folks seem to like Raising Cane’s, and that’s right near Big Bend and Manchester too.
        To tell the truth, I’m only a little happy about the Taco Bell. Most of their food is pretty bad, but the regular bean & cheese burrito is decent with liberal use of the Fire Sauce. What is lousy is the demise of the Del Taco franchise here in St. Louis. The franchisee made terrible business decisions, and the last remaining locations were right on Highway 40. When 40 closed, it was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”
        There is nowhere around here to get great Mexican food. Sure, Hacienda in Rock Hill has good food, but it’s pricey, and more *big house* Mexican. I’d love to see a taqueria of the quality of Taqueria Durango in Overland, or one of the several on Cherokee St. (like Taqueria El Bronco or Chapparito’s) but we just don’t have enough Mexican immigrants around here for that to happen. A hint: if there aren’t TVs playing Mexican soap operas, soccer, or a Cardinals away game, it’s not truly a Mexican eatery.
        There’s *New Mexican* food close by at Southwest Diner, but that is styled after the cuisine of the U.S. State of New Mexico’s. It’s extremely New Mexican, and an experience in itself, with good food and an unbeatable ambiance, but it is not Mexican. There are a few other “Mexican” restaurants in the area, but none of them are notable, and I feel that they only survive because folks in this area of the county have, for the most part, never had genuine Mexican food.
        Some of those reading this might know me, and as my name suggests, I am a non-Hispanic White dude, but I am fairly obsessed with Mexican food, and have been for decades, so I have some credibility.

  1. Are they just renovating the current building or rebuild to their specs?