Leon Golfin, former Brentwood alderman

Former Brentwood Ward 4 alderman Leon Golfin died Monday, November 9, according to the City of Brentwood. The city had this remembrance of Mr. Golfin.

It is with deep regret that we share the passing of former Ward 4 alderman Leon Golfin.

A notable, well respected and much loved long-time resident of Brentwood Forest. Leon had a common sense approach on all matters that came before the board of aldermen. The same could be said of his interactions with everyone. When Leon spoke, people listened.

Mr. Golfin’s contributions were numerous. He served this City as a Ward 4 Alderman from 1994 – 2006. During his years, Leon served on and chaired many city committees. He was chair of the Ways and Means Committee; the Waste Management Committee; and the Storm Water/Flood Control Committees. He also served on the Public Safety and Public Works committees.

During Leon’s terms as alderman, the city saw many good things happen, including new developments (Brentwood Square, Promenade, Dierberg’s Point, Meridian and Hanley Station), the city’s sewer lateral program, buyouts of flood prone properties, increasing our green space parks, and reduced city residential property taxes and excise taxes. He was also instrumental in piloting the city’s curbside recycle program. Leon was also board member of the Brentwood Forest Condominium Board as well as a member of the Brentwood Historical Society.

Leon has been described by many as a wonderful man who would talk to and lend an ear to anyone. It was not unusual to see him out walking twice a day. He genuinely loved this City and the people that live here and leaves a legacy of serving his friends and neighbors well in all things.

Leon passed away on Monday, November 9, 2015. Our thoughts and prayer go out to his wife Elaine, their three children, grandchildren and other family members and friends. He will be missed.

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Leon Golfin, via City of Brentwood

5 thoughts on “Leon Golfin, former Brentwood alderman

  1. My sympathy to the Golfin family. As Chair of P&Z, I worked with Leon during his service as Alderman of Ward 4. He brought a high level of intelligence and a strong commitment to that service. More than that, he brought respect for others including fellow elected officials, members of Commissions and Boards and the staff of City Hall. Respect for others from some on the Board has been in unnecessary decline since the election almost 4 years ago. Disagreement need not be combined with disrespect. I will especially remember Leon for always displaying that respect for others.

  2. Leon spoke one evening some years back on Veteran’s Day . I will never forget one of his experiences of WWII. Leon was a young Naval Officer on duty for the night at Pearl Harbor. A classified message was received, the USS Indianapolis was over due in returning to Pearl Harbor. Leon was nervous because being a young officer he had to deliver the message immediately to the Admiral who was asleep, and if I recall it was like 0200, (2:00 a.m.), but Leon said he awoke the Admiral who thanked Leon removing any stress that had mounted until the message was delivered. Semper Fidelas and carry on and continue to march Mr. Golfin, (Mr. is a Naval term for a young officer and is being respectful ).

  3. My condolences to the family. I didn’t know Leon in his capacity as an Alderman, but rather for about 10 years I was a sort of member of his large extended family. Leon and Elaine were always warm, kind, and friendly, and I always enjoyed spending time with them. I definitely recall his pride in his community as we would sometimes discuss the goings on of the city.

  4. Brentwood has suffered the loss of another great man. Leon was truly a voice of reason in the community. I always enjoyed his presence. His memory will hopefully live on in the City of Warmth.