Lion’s Choice seeks to add dual drive-thru

Brentwood officials heard the first reading of a bill Monday to approve a new conditional use permit and site plan for Lion’s Choice, on Hanley Road. The permit would replace the original permit approved in 1996, Asst. City Administrator Lisa Koerkenmeier said in the city’s board of aldermen meeting.

The new plan would update the restaurant to chain’s new look and replace the single-lane drive-thru with a double lane.

Koerkenmeier said planning and zoning voted to approve the permit 9-0, and the city’s traffic engineer approved the plan.

Alderman Andy Leahy pointed out that there is one entrance and exit off the property, and he doesn’t see how traffic will flow safely through the parking spaces on the north side of the lot, “creating a mess,” he said.

“Everyone coming in the parking lot is supposed to go around the building – they don’t,” he said. He said when the drive aisle is stacked, with cars parked on the north and south side of the driving aisle — “you’ll have cars that can’t get out.”

Leahy said he is speaking from going there on the weekends.

Koerkenmeier said the travel lanes will be better marked, and there will be enough room for parking and the double drive-thru, according to the city’s traffic engineer.

Also in the meeting, City Communications Manager Janet Levy said Brentwood’s ways & means, public safety and public works meetings will be available on YouTube in the future. The board of aldermen and planning & coning commission meetings are currently uploaded to YouTube, and this will continue.

Also the city plans to live-stream board of aldermen meetings on YouTube.

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