Lustron house for sale

An Lustron house at 7237 Stanley, at McCausland, is going up for public auction on July 25 with a starting bid of $7,237. 

The purchaser must present a cashier’s check or cash in the amount the day of the sale. See more information about the land tax sale from the city of St. Louis. See the full list of houses for sale.

From Wikipedia: Lustron houses are prefabricated enameled steel houses developed in the post-World War II era United States in response to the shortage of homes for returning GIs. Considered low-maintenance and extremely durable, it was expected to attract modern families who might not have the time or interest in repairing and painting conventional wood and plaster houses.

5 thoughts on “Lustron house for sale

  1. Any news on the sale of the Lustron house? Hopefully it won’t be demolished. I wish I had known earlier… love these little pieces of history!

  2. There is one of these Lustron houses on the corner of Urban and Lawn in Brentwood. Pretty cool, I walked past it for years but didn’t know what it was.

  3. The Address of the above house is 7006 or maybe 7004 Stanley. I can’t quite read the address on google maps.

  4. The $7,237 I believe is the amount of delinquent taxes on the property. Lustrons are very livable and it will almost certainly go for much more. They are highly prized by people with multiple allergies as there is nothing but porcelain steel in the interior. No paint, wall paper carpeting, or wallboard, etc. The company used to say, “Only the glass in the windows isn’t steel”. As with all real estate, Location, Location, Location is the key to price.