Man arrested for fraudulently obtaining oxycontin

Larry D. Hollins, 54, of St. Louis, has been charged with fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance — oxycontin — in Maplewood.

According to court and police records, on Nov. 11, 2016, at the Sam’s Club pharmacy in Maplewood, Hollins presented a prescription for oxycontin and asked for it to be filled. A pharmacist filled it, although he was suspicious of the prescription, and confirmed after the fact that the prescription was fraudulent. The doctor listed on the prescription confirmed that he had hot issued it, and that the defendant had not been a patient of his.

Hollins was arrested several months later. He admitted he had been driven to the pharmacy by a friend he identified only as “Lego,” that the Lego had filled out a blank prescription in the defendant’s name before he took it inside and filled it.

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