Maplewood business is hard to find, computer shop is in a basement

Owners of a Maplewood business want people to know it’s there, becasue they’re hard to find from the sidewalk on Manchester Road.

CAT Computers, owned by Robert and Rona Chandler, has been in the basement of The Book House (7352 Manchester Road) in Maplewood, since December. They’ve been in business since 2004,  starting out on Edgar Avenue in Maplewood.

They say the CAT has nothing to do with cats, though some expect it does.”I’m surprised how many people come in here and think we have computers for cats,” Robert said. “Or they think we have computers in here,” Rona said.

It means: Creative and Adaptive Technologies. Also, when they went into business, being toward the top of the list in the Yellow Pages was a consideration too.

Lots of their work is systems work. Robert said they serve as a full-service IT department for many clients, and it’s also a hometown computer repair shop.

It’s a family business; their 10-year-old son is learning coding.

Robert said they always let their customers know about scams. He said about four or five of their customers needed help in one month. “You’d be surprised how much personal stuff people put on their computer,” he said. He set one client up with a military-grade drive.

Rona and Robert Chandler’s CAT Computers office is in the back of the basement in The Book House.




3 thoughts on “Maplewood business is hard to find, computer shop is in a basement

  1. Robert and Rona are great “roommates/neighbors”! Their office is on the lower level and you may drop off computers for repair even after 5pm with anyone at the Book House (we are open til 9pm). The funny thing is that people keep asking for the CATS! No cats yet, but maybe we need to get a bookstore cat to go with the computers . . .

    Michelle Barron – The Book House

  2. Thank you for the article Doug! Since we finished building our office on the lower level of the Bookhouse in December, many people have not known we were even here. We have a small sign in the front window, but hope to get an awning up in front of the door in the near future.

    A note about our listed hours:

    Our business hours on-line match the Bookhouse, however our office is staffed Monday – Friday (10 am – 5pm). The Bookhouse staff handles after-hours and weekend computer repair drop-off and pickup. We handle everything from computer repair, virus removal, data recovery and more (home & business) – and act as a full service IT department for many area businesses. We are primarily a PC repair shop, though we do some work on macs, what we don’t handle in-house we refer locally.

    Come by and visit us anytime, or call us if you have a tech question! Check us out on Facebook at

    or online at

    Robert Chandler
    CAT Computers

  3. Robert has fixed my computer a few times and transferred all my stuff from one computer to another. He does good work.