Maplewood candidate not advertising; walking the streets instead

Maplewood mayoral candidate Barry Greenberg says he has no yard signs — limiting his campaign to walking the streets and handing out flyers.

Greenberg sent to 40 South for publication:

As a candidate for public office, having just experienced the most recent presidential election and the millions of dollars spent on (often misleading) campaign advertising, I have decided not to spend any money on yard signs or other advertising.

I have limited my campaigning to walking the streets, knocking on doors, handing out my informational flyers and talking with citizens about my qualifications and what is important to them. I also rely on the people I speak with to share their thoughts with their neighbors.

I have not accepted campaign contributions that have been offered nor have I in the last 14 years that I have served as an elected official. The money I would spend on the campaign can be better utilized for my proposed Senior Internet Café program or one of many other worthy causes.

It is my firm belief that money and advertising have reduced our electoral process to the point where an elected office can be bought and paid for by special interests and I prefer not to be part of that system.

I do appreciate everyone that showed up for League of Women Voters Mayoral Forum last week. What people saw was a cordial and informative exchange of ideas between Patrick Jugo and myself. This is more in line with the ideals that our country should be based on.

11 thoughts on “Maplewood candidate not advertising; walking the streets instead

  1. Experience matters in all situations in life. Mr. Jugo should have run for a city council first and learned the ropes. Hiring (or electing) an inexperienced person for a upper level position does not work out most of the time. Experience that works=Barry Greenberg.

    • DW,

      Not sure if you have looked at Patrick Jugo’s website or flyers, but, he has sat on two board and commissions in Maplewood’s government. Those being the Board of Adjustments and the Planning and Zoning Commission. I think it is safe to say we have two great candidates that both bring years of civic experience. How lucky are we?! After the past national political cycle, it is quite refreshing to have a great local political election. Let’s hope for both candidates we get a good turnout on election day. As both candidates said in the forum, turnout is depressingly low for local elections…

  2. I suspect Barry will win, and I’m perfectly fine with that, but I’m voting for Jugo. Both these men basically agree on all the issues facing the town, but Barry’s been on the council for 14 years. We could use some new blood.

    • I agree with the concept of “new blood” if there are problems, but change for the sake of change is not necessarily a recipe for improvement. My familiarity with other elected officials and staff in adjacent communities makes me more effective at implementing cooperative initiatives. It took me a while to get up to speed as a councilman. Jumping straight into the mayor’s role would have be even more difficult and I don’t think we need to spend that time since there will be three new council members/mayor whether I am elected or not. I believe that experience and continuity are important in moving forward and making improvements. If you believe that Patrick and I “basically agree on all of the issues” facing Maplewood, I believe I can be more effective in dealing with them. The topics brought up in the mayoral forum were only a portion of the issues confronting our city. I have demonstrated my commitment to our senior population. There were no questions regarding sustainable practices because I worked with staff to create the Sustainability Commission and implement energy saving programs. I have spent countless hours in community service with the Maplewood Kiwanis, designing a soup kitchen and working with other charitable groups outside our city limits. I have also attended National League of Cities programs, Missouri Municipal League programs and Municipal League of Metro St. Louis programs where I have taken classes, networked with other elected officials and staff and attended presentations on how to be more a more effective elected official. I believe that experience matters.

  3. Interesting. I wondered because I saw the Jugo yard signs today and wondered where the Greenberg signs are, thinking that maybe there is growing support for Jugo. Until last week hadn’t heard of Jugo and had decided the responsiveness of Barry Greenberg really appeals to me.

    • I can’t help but notice the cars with Jugo stickers that decide to drive like idiots and park where ever they want. Not a good view hahahahaha