Maplewood Citizens Academy grads honored

The 2017 fall Maplewood Citizens Academy graduates were recognized at the recent city council meeting, and posed for a photo with city staff. It was posted, along with the caption, on Maplewood City Hall Facebook.Photo left to right: Fire Chief Terry Merrell, Police Chief Steve Kruse, Assistant City Manager/Public Works Director Anthony Traxler, Deputy Mayor Karen Woods, Jonathan Taylor, Vicki Kahn, Dianne Moran, Finance Director Karen Dilber, Shea Marks, Becky Konersmann, Pickett Lema, Denise Chappell, Kimberly Berry and Library Director Terry Donnelly.

One thought on “Maplewood Citizens Academy grads honored

  1. Are there dates for the Spring 2018 session? A quick internet search showed previous sessions/online forms. Thanks!