City manager pushes for hiring new police officers

Maplewood City Manager Marty Corcoran wrote a memo to the mayor and city council on July 20, detailing why the city should use funds from Prop P to hire two new police officers.

He says in the memo that hiring the officers is “critical for the safety of our citizens and our police officers.” He says it’s important for visitors coming to Maplewood businesses to feel safe. He doesn’t want Maplewood to return to 15-20 years ago when visitors didn’t feel safe in the city.

Corcoran says both the 2014 and 2017 CALEA reports on the Maplewood department recommend hiring more officers.

Additional training has been suggested as a way to spend the Prop P funds. Corcoran says he’s not opposed to that, but thinks some don’t understand how much training the officers already go through as part of the department’s CALEA certification, first obtained in 2014. From Jan. 1, 2017, to present, Maplewood officers have collectively undergone 2,400 hours of training in: legal studies, technical studies, interpersonal studies and firearms/skill development.

Corcoran’s memo also includes retail theft calls from Walmart in the past three years.

See Corcoran’s memo here.

14 thoughts on “City manager pushes for hiring new police officers

  1. We have been hit up by panhandler’s at Aldi’s several times this summer. They stand where the baskets are begging for quarters, or whatever you will give them. Even watched them following folks to cars. We need more police in Maplewood. Especially for teens. We have a group of ten, plus who run the streets everyday knocking things over and ringing doorbells mostly coming to or from Hummert Park.

  2. I’ve found an even better solution to shopping at WalMart. I don’t EVER for any reason go to ANY WalMart. And, if I had a coupon for a free shopping spree at WalMart, the Maplewood store would be the very last one I would go to.

  3. Wally is a public nuisance and magnate for the criminal element…. This is a problem on the national level that has been enabled by the Obama administration’s failed healthcare policy and open border immigration. Maplewood leadership should levy a special tax against them to pay for the additional policing that is needed to contain this threat.

  4. Yes, Maplewood needs 10 to 15 more Police Officer! Have them report to the Walmart . Stop the shopping carts before they get five blocks away and dumped. Stop to begging, panhandling and mendicaney. We now drive to Kirkwood to shop. My car has been broken into 3 times. The shoplifting is out of control. They can also patrolling the areas about there store. Stop the car clotting and all the crime with the people who ride the thug train to steal from them. Ride Merto shoplift and steal a car to head back to the city !

    • Regarding WalMart…My husband and I have begun making an afternoon of it, and shopping at The Bluffs WalMart in Fenton or going even further to High Ridge. The cost of gas sort of cuts into my savings, but I don’t have to keep looking over my shoulder! HA! Perhaps if MPD didn’t have to make multiple trips a day to WM, our present officers would be more than sufficient….they’re a great bunch!

        • Isn’t that the Wally where a guy was murder a few weeks ago? No Thanks, I have just stopped go to Wally’s world. I can buy my junk at another store.

          • Actually it was behind the Walmart/Planet Fitness stores. You should be safe if you arent using drugs in the woods behind the store.

      • I thought that there was a security car and a security office that the store hired that was on duty all the time? Is that not so? Or does the security car and gaurd just call the police when they see something happen.

        It is not just on the parking lot. I have had people come and ask me for money inside the store when I am shopping. If I gave to every person that asks for money I would soon be the guy needing to ask someone else for money for me.

        In my opinion, some of them make this their full time job, asking for money and having a story to go along with it. I am not sure about the folks at WallMart but I see some of he same guys every day on certain street corners standing there with their signs asking for money. It must work because they come back the next day.