Maplewood Council discusses greenway route

The Maplewood City Council met in a work session Wednesday evening at Foley’s Bar and Grill to talk about a dedicated bicycle/running/walking trail to connect the Deer Creek Greenway to the River Des Peres Greenway extension, now being completed on Ellendale and Wabash avenues.

Great Rivers Greenway has asked Maplewood for input about where the connecting route might run through the city.

Mayor Barry Greenberg said Friday that the meeting was at Foley’s because they wanted feedback from the business and property owners in the area one option that would take the trail down Greenwood Boulevard.

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Councilman Ray Crader said on Facebook that the discussion was well attended.

One route considered, the council is calling the southern route, would take the trail along the southern boundary of city following Deer Creek. It could be a shorter, more scenic route but largely bypasses Maplewood.

The other route would follow the railroad tracks along Greenwood Boulevard, which would be longer, and run closer to Maplewood businesses. He said business owners and residents of the Greenwood Boulevard community expressed concerns about the impact a trail might have on parking on Greenwood.

Crader said the topic will be discussed again Tuesday at the next city council meeting.

“I encourage anyone that wants to learn more about the project and possibly share their thoughts to attend. I hope everyone keeps in mind that we are not trying to solve a problem or design the project yet,” Crader said.

One proposed route would run along Greenwood Boulevard. via Google Maps

A Maplewood greenway would connect to the now under-construction trail ending at Slay Park.


3 thoughts on “Maplewood Council discusses greenway route

  1. Are they concerned a new bike trail might make it impossible for cars to park on the north side of Greenwood between Kendington and Canterbury?

  2. I am a Maplewood business owner and I LOVE this! Anything to get people closer to the businesses and bring more people into downtown Maplewood would be great! It shouldn’t affect parking too much as bike riders are parking bikes, not cars! Great for the environment, great for community, great for healthy lifestyle. All for it. Very excited!

    Michelle Barron
    The Book House