Maplewood firefighters, police officers help young girl found on the street

The Maplewood Professional Firefighters Community Outreach group on Sunday night helped a young girl found on the street by Maplewood Police with “nothing but the clothing on her back,” they reported on Facebook.

The police department asked the fire department if they had a blanket for her.

Update: The girl was released to the state Family Services Division, Maplewood police said.

The fire department went to Walmart and bought clothes, shoes, some toys, and a tooth brush and tooth paste. While the firefighters were shopping police officers fed her dinner and entertained her with the movie, Tangled.

“Moments like these these are the reason we have The Professional Firefighters Community Outreach,” they said on Facebook.

Photo via Professional Firefighters of Maplewood Facebook

Photo via Professional Firefighters of Maplewood Facebook

Photo via Professional Firefighters of Maplewood Facebook

14 thoughts on “Maplewood firefighters, police officers help young girl found on the street

  1. Glad we have such a great local fire department and police department.
    Looking forward to seeing the new station completed in the near future – keep up the great work!

  2. It seems like the national and local news are doing a horrible job on following up on news stories like this. This story for example will be related like this. Girl found on street. Police and fire departments are wonderful. Money for the child will come, eventually, from city ‘petty cash’.
    What happens to the girl? Back to her home? Child services?
    Please keep us informed.

  3. So let me get this straight, this young child was found wandering around on the street by herself?? Where are her parents or care givers?? I hope they’re found and charged because that’s just unacceptable to allow a child to walk around the street alone like this, let alone its obvious that she’s not well taken care of!

    • It’s easy to judge people when you don’t know all the circumstances. Even easier when you don’t use your real name. Our kid at age 3 used to escape from the house every chance he could get until we put chain locks at the top of the doors.

      • 1. At the time, little information was published so the original post was judgmental, however now more time is passed and I fall closer into agreement with what you said. I think the police have done an excellent job handling the situation. Shame on the family or caregivers if they weren’t out looking for her right away. I find that hard to understand.
        2. You are still hiding behind an anonymous name. I’m fed up with cowardly people who say things but can’t stand behind it with their real names. That is part of why I reacted so strongly. People need to be more respectful of others, but they feel they can say anything offensive they want while hiding behind some fake name.
        3. I’m not liberal, nowhere close. You blew it there. There you go making assumptions again.

        • I never could understand the anonymous thing either Gary, and I don’t think your first statement was judgmental either. I am not even sure whey Maplewood Resident felt the need to start calling names but then again when you hide behind an anonymous name it is easy to name call and belittle people. People can at least use a first name and just incase someone feels the need to label me as “liberal”, I am far from it and they don’t know me.

      • Hey Doug, it’s pretty clear this anonymous poster is being abusive and offensive. Seems like grounds to kill access, no?

        — antagonistic “boy” after Gary.
        — “non existent egg donor” wtf
        — “filthy and unkept” wtf part 2
        — “blow hard liberal” cliche, try again

        • Marc – I deleted the anonymous comment you referred to on the grounds that the commenter is using multiple user names per email address, which I can see from my end. I try to set the bar (though admittedly low) for commenters to stick with one name per email. Though allowing anonymity, it prevents users from appearing to be more than one person with a viewpoint.

  4. Thanks to you Maplewood Police and Fire Department. Keep up the good job. Its sad to see a little kid in wondering the streets. Anything could happened to her. Glad she was safe and sound with all of your help.

  5. Poor baby…you guys did a great job. Did anyone find her parents???? Im a parent and could not imagine not knowing where my babies were.