Maplewood History: Cora Clamorgan – Part Eight

The Saga continues.

That poor family.  What nonsense that they had to put up with.  Keep in mind that even with as many posts as I have made of this event, there were many more articles that I am not posting.  So far I have only posted articles from two of the St. Louis papers – The Star and the Post-Dispatch.  This story was carried in newspapers all over the country.  The Clamorgans must have suffered through a nonstop barrage of reporters and who knows what other offenses for at least several months.

In their Sunday edition on June 25th (nine days after the above article ran) the Post-Dispatch ran a full page which except for a small article in the lower right corner was entirely devoted to this story.  It is so chopped up with graphics I’m not sure how it will look on your device.  Bear with me and I’ll try to post the most important parts of it.

Let’s hope that the baby Virginia Blanche did have a rosy path before her.  I wonder how much of this story did she know in adulthood.

That concludes the entire page.  It wasn’t necessary to edit it though I probably should have.  I included it all because there are several readers who have been informing me that they are following the story closely.

I hope everyone is doing as well as they possibly can.  This virus is raging again thanks to some folks who must think they have immunity.  I hope they get the message this time.  They are putting all of the rest of us in jeopardy.  Wear your mask.

Doug Houser    June 30, 2020







4 thoughts on “Maplewood History: Cora Clamorgan – Part Eight

  1. Did Virginia Collins go to Maplewood high school. It seems like there was someone named that in my mother’s class

    • No Charlotte, the family had moved to California when Virginia was still a baby.

  2. As Doug predicted, this story gets more and more shocking. Judging from the genealogy given earlier, the Clamorgans of Ellenwood were no more than one sixteenth Negro, at least on Cora’s father’s side, but in Missouri, the percentage could be determined by the jury, based only on the individual’s appearance, in other words completely subjectively. The list of states with miscegenation laws is also shocking, as it includes so many western states where slavery had never been permitted, such as Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. No wonder racism is so entrenched in this country!

    • Esley, It certainly is entrenched. The articles above were written 109 years ago. It is very sad that the struggle is still going on today. I believe we have a chance to get this right. Evil exists and persists. The battle is unending. Thank you very much for your comment. PS. We all know you meant Ellendale.