Maplewood History: Emil Scheidt and his Hardware Store

One hundred years old this year, this article has been lifted directly from the 1920 History of St. Louis County.  This is another gift from the prodigious research of Mary Piles, keeper of things historic at our town’s former Citizens National Bank of Maplewood known more recently as CNB St. Louis Bank.

I don’t have the date on this one. Looking at the ca. 1920 photo at the top of the column, it appears that the building was painted then. I’m glad that it is not any longer. Courtesy of the Maplewood Public Library.


Thanks again to Mary Piles.  Still much more to come.

Be safe, everyone.  Wear your mask.

Doug Houser    October 17, 2020



5 thoughts on “Maplewood History: Emil Scheidt and his Hardware Store

  1. The last picture I would venture to guess was taken in the early to mid 1980s. My parents liked the Shalamar restaurant next door, that was about time frame if I remember correctly.
    I think the restaurant moved to McCausland where the Olymipa is today.

  2. Love this story! And I couldn’t help but notice the Indian restaurant next door in the picture. We’ve been hoping one day Maplewood will get an Indian restaurant and never realized it used to have one!

  3. This is one of many articles that makes me believe we were not in competition with the Bank of Maplewood in the early years. Mr Scheidt from every article that I can find on him, and every where he shows up in our early boards has been a man of honor, and one who cared for his neighbors and the city of Maplewood. Great family!

    Thanks Doug!

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