Maplewood History: Famous Maplewoodians – Willard McGregor

Any lineup of famous Maplewoodians would have to include Willard McGregor.  I have to include him even though I posted every single piece of information that I have about him last year on March the 19th.  Even so he truly is worth taking another look at. Like Ray and Tom Kennedy, he became known in his spheres of interest, painting and music, in a far wider community than our small one here.  All three hobnobbed with other artists who were also widely known. Is that part of the definition of being famous?

The Fascinating Willard McGregor

Also I would like to mention that I have teamed up with the Maplewood Community Betterment Foundation (MCBF) to rerelease the book I put together with Joyce Cheney for the 100th anniversary of our fair city.  The title of the book is, “The First One Hundred Years, Maplewood MO”. Copies are only available at Scheidt Hardware (where they are selling briskly thanks to my book pusher, Ben Reynolds) at 7320 Manchester, the Mid County Chamber of Commerce (AKA MCBF) at 7326A Manchester and The Book House at 7352 Manchester.  You’ll need twenty bucks. All profit goes to the MCBF.

I have added “Volume One – Second Printing ” to the cover of the first book.  The reason being that my second book titled, “Maplewood History – Volume Two” is now at the printer.  I expect the page proofs any day now. Once received I’ll make some adjustments and then the book will be available as soon as the printer can get them to me.  It is exciting to see this thing that has been whirling in the ether for the last five years finally coalesce into a physical presence on the table in front of me or in front of you.  I will have more about this later.

Finally, thanks to everyone for your support and interest.  This continues to be a good way to spend part of my retirement.


The cover of the reprinted centennial history book.

The page spread with the Table of Contents. If this doesn’t get your history gland going, perhaps you’re farther gone than you thought.


6 thoughts on “Maplewood History: Famous Maplewoodians – Willard McGregor

  1. Excited to learn about the new releases of the book! Availability same as others, I assume. Thank you!! I am aware of the effort this takes. You are a godsend to the community. History matters!

    • Thank you, Pickett. “Maplewood History – Volume Two” is at the printer. When it will “hit the stands” (Scheidt Hardware, The Book House, etc.) depends on how fast the printer can turn this order around. I’ll have to say that so far they don’t seem to realize that there exists a burning desire amongst Maplewood History aficionados that badly needs quenching. Or is it just me?

  2. I love that you’re doing this work, Doug. What a treasure for us and those who will come after us. Margaret

  3. Doug,
    I tried your email, but it kept coming back, I don’t know if this is the right forum, but do you, or anybody have information on the old Croghan mortuary (Funeral home) on 7146 Manchester, it is clear it was a funeral home the way the doors are situated (on the side for carrying out a casket and what appeared to be a drive through area adjacent to it); It may be in the city and not Maplewood, but all of the snippets or bits I can find list it as Maplewood, this is a nostalgic looking building, and I would love to find out more on it.

    • Hi Bill, There are scores and scores of funeral notices to be found searching for 7146 Manchester in the Post-Dispatch archive on the website. The earliest date I noticed during my very cursory search was May 16, 1926. The funeral was for August Lange. The notice contains the following, “Funeral from Croghan new funeral home. 7146 Manchester Avenue.” Hope this helps.