Maplewood History: For Sale – Our Earliest Settlers

Not our actual earliest settlers, of course. They’re happy right where they’re at, we hope.  What I am referring to is my annual limited edition photographic print. This year’s offering, titled Our Earliest Settlers, will go home with the highest bidder at the Mid County Chamber’s Awards Gala and Auction.  Their event happens this Friday evening, October the 11th. Click here for the details.

The generous folks at the Frame of Mind picture framing shop at 2900 Big Bend have once again agreed to donate an example of the fine work they do.  If you haven’t used their service, you don’t know what you’re missing. Check them out. Many of the pros are their best customers. We are lucky to have them here in Maplewood.  To top it off, they are maintaining one of our best historic commercial buildings – the Parison Bakery.

My donation this year is a 16 x 20 inch composite photograph of our earliest settlers and their homes.  As in the past the print was made at Diversified Labs which once was located in the Hanley Industrial Court but now has moved farther north.  Diversified does an absolute top notch job. I have a large print of Woodside they made about the year 2000. I attached it to a poster and for a long time used it to advocate for the preservation of one of our most historic homes.  Printed on their Lustre paper, it still looks good, even after having been handled by many well-intentioned folks.

So head on down to the Chamber Gala Friday night and bid this print up.  Help make me look like I’m worth a lot more than I actually am.

My latest offering. The maple leaf is from my neighbor’s, John Ancy, favorite tree that he planted in his backyard. John passed in 2008. I believe he was 90. He had moved into his home in 1946.

The interior of the Frame of Mind shop at 2900 Big Bend. 314-644-4466

This is the poster created by Joann Grein and I in the early days of the Woodside preservation effort. It is a veteran of many meetings and was once displayed in our city hall.

This is the image printed by Diversified. It is still in good shape many, many fingerprints later.

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