Maplewood History Live at the Library Tonight!

Beginning promptly at 6:30 at the Maplewood Public Library and continuing for no longer than the average audience is willing to tolerate (an hour or maybe an hour and a half)  I intend to present a digital projected version of my new book, “Maplewood History – Volume Two”. The presentation will be digital because I still have not received a sample hard bound copy from the printer.

I will have with me an unbound proof copy.  As you will be able to see, the quality of the printing is very high.  I assume this is one reason why my printer is so busy. It is also a reason why I am waiting patiently.

Begun over five years ago, I am very happy to see this project coming to an end.  One reason why the book took this long to create is because I am a night owl. This is a book that was created almost entirely after 10 o’clock at night.

This also is a book that was created by one person- me.  This is the third book I have made. The first was a collaboration with Joyce Cheney- a professional author.  The text of the second was edited from my Grandma’s journal by my sister, Barb Flesh. I wanted to see what a book would look like if I had no input from anyone else.  This is it.

Make no mistake, many fine folks have allowed me to copy material from their family collections.  I could not have made the book without them. I have much respect for their family histories and their family historians.

I am planning an initial printing of 100 hard bound copies to be collector’s quality.  I’ve asked the printer for quotes on a more superior paper than one would ordinarily find in a book such as this.  At the same time I plan to print (in a quantity yet to be determined) soft bound copies as well.

For me the creation of this book has definitely been a labor of love.  I hope you all will enjoy it for many years to come.


Doug Houser  9/19/2019

This is the front of the dust jacket for my new book. It is made in appreciation of the 112 years that Scheidt Hardware has been operating in our community. The text on the right will be folded to the inside of the book. The photography and design are by Yours truly.

The rear of the jacket. The round bricks on the book spine can be found on the corner of the hardware store.  The background image is of the original floor.  The plans initially are to offer the book for sale from either myself or Scheidt Hardware. As Bob Scheidt once remarked after selling many copies of my first book, “You are the best selling author at Scheidt Hardware.” It is an honor.


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