Maplewood History: The 1929 Robbery of Citizen’s National Bank

This article was discovered during the research Ms. Mary Piles has done uncovering the history of her long term employer, Citizen’s National Bank of Maplewood, now CNB St. Louis Bank.  This article appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Mary provided me with a followup to this article which unfortunately I am unable to lay a hand on at the moment.  From memory the robbers were later captured during an attempted robbery of a bank in another state.  Mary, if you would like to add more to this, please do.

Thanks again to Mary for the large amount of interesting stuff that she has laid upon us.  Much more to come.

Doug Houser      October 12, 2020

This article has kindly been provided by Mary Piles after the above had been published.  Boy.  That robbing banks really doesn’t pay.

10 thoughts on “Maplewood History: The 1929 Robbery of Citizen’s National Bank

  1. Doug, Pop never said a thing about this. I called Bob, and he didn’t know about this either. It may have been Emil L. Scheidt, our grandfather.
    The surprising thing is that Pop used to brag about being “the most arrested man in Maplewood” when he was having a dispute with the city about displaying merchandise on the sidewalk. They would arrest him daily, take him to City Hall and he would walk home.
    So, if he was locked up in the vault, he probably would have told us.

  2. I’m waiting for Jim or Bob Scheidt to see this and maybe add something that their dad might have told them about the event. I knew Bob pretty well from being in the hardware store quite a bit but never knew about this robbery and about Emil being one of the folks in the bank when it was robbed.

    • Neither of them ever mentioned it to me either, Mark. I’ll forward this to Jim. I think he said he sends everything family related along to Bob.

  3. Cathy Mullen Our former President ( and Maplewood home town girl) knew Leslie Evans (the hostage) she said, Mr. Evans remembered there was no where to sit when the shoved him in the car. He had to sit on top the loot, when they got down to Lohmeyer they slowed the car and pushed him out. One of the men, who were held hostage in the vault, was Emil Scheidt.
    Later news reports say the group robbed a bank in Indiana, the leader was shot in the head, by a teller, while in a fist fight on the floor with that banks President. We know they were the same gang as the dead robber had bearer bonds from Citizens in his pocket.

    Thanks Doug!!!