Maplewood History: The Amazing Lillian Weber Herold Collection – A Follow Up

OK. Now where were we?  When I ended Part Three, we left Lillian and her husband, Edmund, standing in the doorway of their store on the NW corner of Big Bend and Flora. The year was 1914. Perhaps we should back up a little further.  I’ll refresh your memory with the blockbuster photograph that appeared in Part One.

That image (which follows) was taken in 1904 at the NE corner of Big Bend and Manchester. Lucky for us all of the folks pictured are identified.

These early Maplewoodians are identified on the back of the image as (from left to right) Brother Harry Weber, the father Theo. Weber, a neighbor’s child, Edmund Herold and his wife, Lillian Weber Herold.

You may also recall this incredible image from 1908.

Unfortunately the folks in this image are not identified but that has to be Theo. holding the harnesses. I suspect Lillian and Edmund are on the right.  Looks like they have had a baby by the time this image was made.  I’m not certain of the identity of the woman and baby on the left.

That same year, Theo. placed this ad in the paper looking for his horse.

By 1916, Theo was finished. He had lived his life. Notice that the funeral was held at his home. He was buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Kirkwood which is the final resting place of another prominent Maplewood family, the Suttons.

In 1918, Theodore Weber, Jr. and his wife Flora, still at the NE corner of Manchester and Big Bend, had a daughter.


By 1923, Lillian and Edmund Herold had moved from their location at the NW corner of Big Bend and Flora to 8500 Manchester Road in Brentwood.  Then tragedy struck!

I didn’t find an article explaining how the police had caught this bastard.  He might have gotten away with it but I hope not.  Lillian would go on to survive her husband by another 53 years.

The back of the previous photograph.

The back of the previous photograph.

Written on the rear, “Brother Al – 1957, Tuscon, Arizona. Died Nov.-1966.

Written on the rear, “Uncle Al, 9/30/62, Tuscon, Arizona.


This concludes the series, The Amazing Lillian Weber Herold Collection.  Now you have seen everything I have.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Once again, much thanks to the descendants of Lillian’s who have allowed us to have a look at our shared pasts.

I am planning a followup to the article on the Cupples Company.  More research is revealing they were even more impressive than I previously thought.

The death of my friend, Larry Giles, really threw me for a loop.  Some very fine people are involved now with Larry’s creation, the National Building Arts Center.  They are planning a memorial to Larry at the location of the NBAC, 2300 Falling Springs Road in Sauget, IL on August 7th.  Directions are online.  Plan to attend.  You’ll be too late to meet Larry but his collection and work will be on display.

Doug Houser      June 29, 2021


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