Maplewood History – Volume Two Is Now For Sale

Maplewood History – Volume Two. Selections From the Popular Blog was begun in 2014 and finished about a year ago. For better or worse, this book is the product of one person.  I had some strong ideas about how I wanted the book to be.  I liked the idea of having no one to clear anything with.  I wanted to produce a book with strong visual appeal and not be too light on the text either.  This book will be part of my legacy.  For that reason I wanted it to be as high quality as possible.

Both the soft and hardcover versions are designed to be collector’s quality.  I intend them to hopefully last many lifetimes.  The book is full color throughout and printed on high quality paper.  The soft cover is laminated for extra durability.  The hardbound version is constructed the way a lot of books used to be.  The cover is green linen with the name of the book stamped in gold on the spine.  In addition, the hardcover has a commemorative Scheidt Hardware dust jacket.  With an eye towards the highest image quality both versions are printed on the same paper, 80 # (pound) glossy.  This is a paper that many printers do not offer.

My 2008 book, The First 100 Years –  Maplewood MO, greatly increased in value on the internet when it was no longer in print.  Enough that last year I encouraged the Maplewood Community Betterment Foundation to print another 140 copies.  They did and these are now sold out as well.  I can’t predict how long it will take but Volume Two may increase in value as well.

At present my book is only available through me or Scheidt Hardware at 7320 Manchester, 314-647-1411.  The soft cover is $35.  The hardcover is $50.

For those of you interested in purchasing copies of the book directly from me, you can email me at If you don’t live too far away, I’ll deliver the book/s personally.  If I need to mail them, the charge will be $5 for the softcover and $6 for the hardcover.

While trying to find a printer, I was able to compare page proofs from several different companies.  I chose a printer who did a fantastic job. The image quality is stunning.  See for yourself.

This is the soft cover. The red maple leaf was from my neighbor John Ancy’s, prize tree that he had planted in his backyard.  John is no longer with us.  The ginkgo leaves are from Evelyn McGregor’s ginkgo at 7380 Flora.  One of Maplewood’s landmark trees, the ginkgo is now about 100 years old.  That is it in its splendid fall leaf color change on the back cover. The story is in the book.  The other images should be familiar to most Maplewoodians.

This is the commemorative Scheidt Hardware dust jacket on the hardcover version of the book.  That is the original flooring in the background.  The spine is the brick on the corner of the building.  The fold over flaps explain the images.  Get one for yourself.

There is a display copy at Scheidt Hardware.  Feel free to take a look.  This has been a lot of fun for me.  I’ve met many interesting and wonderful folks in the process.  I have already begun working on Volume Three.  When it will be out…who knows?

In the meantime, stay healthy.

Doug Houser      May 21,2020

12 thoughts on “Maplewood History – Volume Two Is Now For Sale

  1. Bravo Doug!! Such a well done book. It has a prominent spot on our coffee table, ready to share with guests if we can ever have them again, haha… Thank you for what you do for our local Maplewood history and I’ve really enjoyed being able to participate! Look forward to your future historical endeavors. Dave P.

  2. I am going to get one for sure. How much more for an autographed copy? Too bad there is this Covid thing going on. You could have had a book signing and meet and greet for your fans…

    • Mark, Let me know what you think of it after you’ve had a chance to take a look. All of them so far are autographed. As I said with the first book, the unsigned ones will be rarer. You’re right, a book signing would have been fun but we just can’t take the chance. I’m already working on Volume Three so maybe by the time it’s done…

  3. Good for you. Your excitement about this project is obvious and it’s nice to see a local, original author take on such an important piece. Don’t stop!

    • Well, it is just awfully nice of you to say that, Mr. Completely. I won’t.

  4. Doug–Congratulations! It looks beautiful. We’re so proud of you. Your own place in local history is guaranteed! Where can we get one?