Maplewood lawsuit, evolution/creationism are top posts

Here’s the weekly roundup of the most-read 40 South News posts of the past week.

  1. Maplewood sued for discrimination, targets ‘nuisance’ ordinance
  2. School board candidates asked to rethink creationism vs. evolution
  3. The Heights: major expansion in 2018-2020
  4. Brentwood residents knock down gas station plan
  5. How MRH handles evolution/creationism; Brentwood to follow
  6. Brentwood School Board candidates asked to clarify: creationism vs. evolution
  7. Twin Peaks cuts the ribbon
  8. River Des Peres Greenway construction begins
  9. Maplewood city denies racism; willing to defend itself in court
  10. Hawk? falcon? — seen in Maplewood


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