Maplewood mayoral candidate reports contributions, expenses

In the race for mayor of Maplewood, one candidate is taking campaign contributions and one isn’t.

Patrick Jugo is taking contributions and spending money on his campaign, so he was required to form a committee and file with the Missouri Ethics Commission (See Jugo’s statement of committee organization). He was also required to file expense reports at 40 days and eights days before the April 4 election.

Jugo’s opponent, Ward 3 Councilman Barry Greenberg, decided not to take contributions or spend money on items like yard signs, so he doesn’t need to file with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

In the report Jugo was required to file 40 days before the election (see report), he reports receiving $460 in amounts of $100 or less, so the contributions are unitemized. He spent $60 on window stickers.

In the report due eight days before the election (see report), Jugo reports receiving $250 in contributions. He also reports receiving $242 in in kind contributions; $175 of that is from O.R. Pechman, of Compton Avenue.


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