Maplewood officers jabbed with hypodermic needles while making arrest

Two Maplewood police officers were accidentally stuck by hypodermic needles while struggling to arrest a suspect on Friday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

The suspect, Brian Smith, 38, had jabbed his boyfriend with with the same needles and held him captive in his home in the 7600 of Jerome Avenue.

Police told the Post-Dispatch the victim was Smith’s boyfriend, that they had met online about two years ago. The victim, 62, told police that Smith had used the syringes to inject meth.

The victim had been held captive, locked in an upstairs bathroom for four hours. He was yelling for help out the window.

Police obtained a search warrant to have Smith’s blood drawn for HIV and hepatitis tests. Preliminary tests are negative, but the officers are taking medications as a precaution, Maplewood Ltd. John LeClerc told the Post-Dispatch.

Smith was charged in with domestic assault, kidnapping and resisting arrest.

2 thoughts on “Maplewood officers jabbed with hypodermic needles while making arrest

  1. Are we able to find out exact address? Very curious as I live on 7600 block of Jerome, not sure I know of a Brian Smith.

  2. I honestly feel terrible for the officers that got stuck with those needles. That loon needs to be locked up for a long time.