Maplewood officials to consider waste pickup tax, 2 liquor licenses

On the agenda for the Maplewood City Council Jan. 9 meeting:

The 7-Eleven, at 2425 S. Big Bend, is requesting a packaged liquor and Sunday packaged liquor license limited to the sale of beer and wine.

Somying Fox of of Thai Table, at 7403 Manchester Road, is requesting a liquor license by the drink to serve beer and wine.

The officials will also consider a resolution authorizing and directing the submission of a ballot proposition for Maplewood voters, the question of whether the city’s solid waste tax shall be increased by 10¢ for residential property, commercial property and personal property to continue to provide trash pickup and recycling services for single family, and multi-family residential properties.

Further discussion on the planned greenway through Maplewood is also on the agenda.

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See the full Jan. 9 Maplewood City Council agenda here.

5 thoughts on “Maplewood officials to consider waste pickup tax, 2 liquor licenses

    • A way to make extra money on licenses, I guess. Sunday license costs extra. Also to appease the fanatical Christians that are still somehow holding power.

    • I believe a Sunday liquor license allows the owner to sell packaged liquor (beer and wine) on Sunday, as well as the other days of the week.

    • In all actuality Missouri has some of the most liberal liquor laws in the country. Only Nevada has fewer restrictions.

      But like others have said, fees. Sunday permits are extra.