Maplewood P&Z OK’s short term rental, business permit, urgent care center

Members of the Maplewood Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday approved another short term rental, at 7736 Weaver Avenue, and also a permit for new owners of a business, and a permit for an urgent care health center.

Maplewood Assistant City Manager Anthony Traxler said the new short term rental is the best qualified off all approved by the city so far. It has three parking spots in addition to the resident’s car. The short term rental will be in a structure that’s separate but connected to the owner’s house.

Current employees of Bouffant Daddy, Erin Slankard and Dale Rouggly, are buying out Jeff Noble, to become the new owners. Slankard said outside the meeting that Noble opened the salon 30 years ago. They’re keeping the name, Bouffant Daddy. The commission approved the permit.

The commission also approved an urgent care facility based in Atlanta, Go Health, with plans to open a location at 2015 Maplewood Commons Drive. The care center is partnered with Mercy Health.

All three will go before the Maplewood city council for final approval.



One thought on “Maplewood P&Z OK’s short term rental, business permit, urgent care center

  1. There seems to be an awful lot of urgent care places going in around town. Makes me wonder if the doctor with an office will become a thing of the past like the doctors of old who used to make house calls.