Maplewood P&Z to consider condo proposal

Maplewood Planning and Zoning on Monday will review a request to consolidate two lots in the Sunnen business park for condominiums, according to the agenda.

The minor subdivision condominium plat is at 3267 S. Big Bend Boulevard.

5 thoughts on “Maplewood P&Z to consider condo proposal

  1. I think this is a good location for a condo project and would appeal to the millennial/hipster crowd that doesn’t want to own a car. They can walk to downtown Maplewood and take the train to Clayton or the CWE for their Cortex start-up jobs. Should be affordable enough for those that don’t have the wallet for Clayton/U. City.

    • You never can say anything without insulting someone, can you? Most of us want a variety of people in our town: young, old, all races, all gender identities and sexual identities, families, single people,college students, working people, and retirees, and many levels of income. If you hate young people so deeply why don’t you move into a retirement community where you can all sit around complaining about millennials, hipsters, people who protest against police brutality, and people who take an active interests in their own rights and the rights of others. Otherwise, maybe close your mouth, start listening and learning, and you might even become a person that enjoys diversity and new ideas.

  2. Based upon the Sunnen Station apartments, this is a loser. Who is running Maplewood anyway? Maybe we should call it SunnenWood

    • Ha. I remain optimistic that there won’t be too much nimby-ism. I think more likely there will just be comments asking where are all the people who want to fill the amount of apt/condo development. Still, this is a pretty good location for a larger condo complex. It is a half mile from center of MW and has a metro stop right next to it. Also, I believe, when clearing houses for the sunnen district, the intent was to have a mixed use area and we are now finally starting to see the living spaces that were originally planned. This addition certainly helps justify a metro stop. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the developers who were interested in Brentwood at Hanley/Manchester take an interest to add to this area as well.

      I suppose that despite the larger area, the amount of residents in ward 1 is less than the other two given the number of apartments present in Wards 2 and 3 (plus the amount of homes destroyed for the sunnen district). So I doubt the continued development will lead to a review of ward boundaries. But out of curiosity, does anyone have the population by wards? Also anyone know the last time they were adjusted?