Maplewood P&Z to consider restaurant/wine bar

The Maplewood planning and zoning commission is set to consider on Monday a new restaurant in the 7300 block of Manchester Road.

The commission will hear citizens’ comments on a request by Brian Hobbs for a conditional use permit and a liquor license  to operate a restaurant/wine bar and retail shop at 7326 Manchester Road, according to a notice sent to residents nearby.

The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. at Maplewood City Hall on Aug. 7.

7326 Manchester Road is the former address of J&E Office City, in business in Maplewood for 40 years. J&E’s last day in Maplewood was Dec. 2, 2016.

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14 thoughts on “Maplewood P&Z to consider restaurant/wine bar

  1. I thought that there was some sort of formula for how many liquor permits there were for Maplewood. I understand that most eating places want to be able to sell liquor because of the money it can generate as well as the folks who think a meal out should include some sort of liquor. I am just wondering how many more permits our town can allow and need.

    How many places do we need to have liquor sales? Besides fast food places are there any eating establishments that can survive without selling liquor? Maybe it is not possible?

    • If it’s anything like mattress stores or dry cleaners, good luck with that.

    • Yeah, even Gus’s chicken shack sells 32oz cans of beer. Also that Tapped place has self serve beer. MPW is becoming a drinkers paradise – going to be like the Laclede’s Landing of the 1980s soon.

      • Yes, a wine bar/restaurant run by a successful local sommelier does seem like a sure road to debaucherous ruin for our fair city. Think of all the troublemaking riffraff that will stagger in to gulp $12 pours of grenache and prosecco! There’ll be brawls in the streets, just as there were when every other such establishment has been inflicted on us by dastardly local entrepreneurs.

      • Tapped has donated almost $20,000 to the maplewood community between Artists First and Joe’s place since they l opened in May. We would be lucky to have similar unique small business come to our community vs large chains. I haven’t noticed any “drunken” issues coming from Gus’s or Tapped, only brining in more patrons to the MRH area that may not have visited otherwise. A wine bar will bring a high end clientele as well.

    • I certainly hope there is not. I want as many liquor serving restaurants as possible. Wine bar, Yes please. Give us another good brewpub too. More fast food fried chicken, No. And yes, full service restaurants need a liquor license to survive with very few exceptions.

      • Well said!
        How can you not have a liquor license with a restaurant? Look how successful the loop is…..

  2. If it’s the same Brian Hobbs that is the general manager of Bar Les Freres in Clayton, that seems encouraging. I’m intrigued and I hope it works out.