Maplewood resident announces run for Ward 2 city council seat

Maplewood resident Sarah Crosley announced on Twitter Thursday that she is running for Maplewood City Council, Ward 2.

Ward 2 council member Ray Crader’s term expires April 2020. Eleanor Pardini won the other Ward 2 seat in April 2019, while long-time councilman, Tim  Dunn, decided not to run.

Crosley’s Twitter profile: “Candidate for Maplewood City Council, Ward 2 / comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable / handful & hard to manage”

Sarah Crosley, via Twitter


7 thoughts on “Maplewood resident announces run for Ward 2 city council seat

  1. I’m a Ward 2 resident who enthusiastically supports Sarah’s candidacy and her Twitter handle.

  2. Tolerating the naysayers has always been part of the process. You sound like a good candidate to me, Sarah. I don’t live in Ward 2 but hopefully I’ll get a chance to talk to you at some point. I say go for it. Good luck.

  3. “Afflict the comfortable”….yikes. I don’t want tot support anyone who wished suffering on anyone else. A bit much.

    • Denise, you may find this enlightening: It is a phrase that has been applied often to the gospel, but actually originated more than a century ago as a description of what the function of journalists in a free society should be. Odd that this phrase would be so… triggering.