Maplewood resident, city Sustainability Commission member, chosen for scholarship

Maplewood resident Jonathan Spencer has been chosen for a scholarship from the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. Project Dragonfly (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio) made the announcement on Facebook.

The award is designed to help students pursuing degrees and/or relevant credentials in renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainability, or clean technology.

From Project Dragonfly: (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio) student Jonathan Spencer, was honored with the The Midwest Renewable Energy Association & Straubel Foundation Clean Energy Leadership Award for his work to empower citizens to launch sustainability commissions in their own municipalities. Spencer is a member of the Maplewood Sustainability Commission and an AIP student through his home institution, the Missouri Botanical. More at

Photo via Project Dragonfly

3 thoughts on “Maplewood resident, city Sustainability Commission member, chosen for scholarship

  1. Way to go Jonathan! Love it that you are working to make a difference in our area thru your education and leadership.

  2. Congratulations, Jonathan! Your dedication to both the Maplewood community and sustainability truly shows in your work.

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