Maplewood resident Lisa Clancy wins county council seat

Maplewood resident Lisa Clancy soundly defeated incumbent Pat Dolan for the St. Louis County Council District 5 seat, winning more than 57 percent of the vote to Dolan’s 40 percent. Both were running as democrats.

Michael Burton had dropped out of the race but was still on the ballot. He took 6 percent.

Clancy posted her commitments when she announced her candidacy:

  • Listen to the community
  • Approach policy making with an equity lens
  • Think and act regionally
  • Focus on opportunity…for all
  • Ensure responsible and ethical governance

The results are unofficial until certified.

Also seen on election day:

Time to vote.

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9 thoughts on “Maplewood resident Lisa Clancy wins county council seat

  1. Who doesn’t like the zoo and museums, I see them as bright spots in a mediocre metro area.

  2. Dear Lisa: there is no St Louis region about which to ‘think’ The dirty deals in the core for 40 years killed the core, people are fleeing, Wentzville will be the center of the new region the west, o’Fallon or Edwardsville to the East. The City will land on your head very quickly. I had a different plan on a different road – and they said: No. Living in your district, my request is end the theft of our tax money by the money-bloated, tax sheltering Zoo and Museums. Let us put that 70 Million a year in play as we see fit.

  3. Congrats! and now please help stop McBride & Sons from continuing to rape SoCo and destroy what little green space that’s left. Their plan for Tower Tee is disgusting….