Maplewood revises its court rules

The Maplewood Municipal Court Rules have been updated, according to the city’s Facebook page. 

The revised rules go into effect on July 1, 2017. No details about what has been changed is included in the post. 40 South has contacted the city for details; so far there’s been no response.

A link to the new rules, an 18-page PDF file, is included in the Facebook post.

In November 2016 ArchCity Defenders filed a federal class action lawsuit against the city of Maplewood for “implementing and enforcing an illegal, racially biased cash bail system that exploits low-income people in order to generate revenue,” according to their press release at the time. It isn’t known if the revised rules addresses this.



3 thoughts on “Maplewood revises its court rules

  1. they should be more worried about laws on books for many many years, like cyclists running stop signs and people parking in no parking area’s, someones car has been sitting for 2 weeks across from church on bellevue( temporary entrance on side street due to construction) with not one single ticket on that car, they can worry more about grass being more than 3 inches, but not fragrant law infractions

  2. I had an incident years ago with a then boyfriend. He had entered my home and would not leave so I did. I asked for help from the police because I was afraid.
    They came but he had already gone. Next thing I knew I was being fined for not having him on my occupancy permit. WtH?
    Judge seemed to make up his own definition of “resident”. No written support. Boyfriend had his own home elsewhere! I was livid!