Maplewood shop forced to move, finds new home within Maplewood

Elements Of Design Studio, a frame shop in the 7100 block of Manchester Road, is being forced to vacate, and has found a new location on Sutton Boulevard.

The business is moving from 7182 Manchester Road to 2718 Sutton Boulevard.

The business owner said the building owner hasn’t kept up with maintenance, resulting in the shop being closed for months at a time. They say the city of Maplewood stepped in after fining the owner multiple times with violations over the past three years, calling the building unfit for human occupancy.

City Manager Marty Corcoran said Thursday that a judge didn’t condemn the building; the residents were ordered to vacate due to unsafe conditions.

Two buildings are involved: the one to the east, containing Elements Of Design Studio, and one to the west, with Bee Naturals (7192 Manchester), which is not moving. Corcoran said residents have to vacate the one to the east, but not the one to the west.

In the eastern building, Maplewood Art Studio, at 7186 Manchester, hasn’t returned calls immediately. New Destiny Apostolic Church, at 7174 Manchester, hasn’t responded either.

Corcoran said both buildings are being sold, and there is currently a potential buyer.

Elements Of Design Studio has kicked off an online fund-raiser to help with moving costs. They plan to reopen on Sutton the first week of April.

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Elements of Design is moving from 7182 Manchester Road to 2718 Sutton Boulevard.

Kirsten Caywood, owner of Mirror Image Life Fitness, in front of the future home of Elements Of Design Studio.





4 thoughts on “Maplewood shop forced to move, finds new home within Maplewood

  1. What about the other businesses in that building like Bee Naturals and the art studios?

    • A Bee Naturals employee said that business isn’t moving. Also said the building is being sold.

  2. Probably not an enjoyable experience to move a store but I would expect they benefit in the long run with more people popping in to look around. Also it seems like a really good use of the mirror image fitness space. It is a very positive sign that a lot of MW shops look to stay in MW if they need to move. As for the building they are moving from, it is an awesome building with an equally unimpressive green awning. I hope the city continues to put pressure on the owner so changes can be made and give some new life to that block. It has all the potential to be as visited as the manchester/sutton area.