Maplewood Square advertised for lease

Brixmor Property Group Inc. is showing Maplewood Square, which includes the Maplewood Shop ‘n Save, for lease online.

The Maplewood Shop ‘n Save employees found on on Tuesday that the store is closing in June.

The entire retail space available for lease is 71,590.

The website describes the area as: “Surrounded by a dense population of 128,000+ residents with an average household income of $91,000+ within 3 miles”.

See the full information here.


4 thoughts on “Maplewood Square advertised for lease

  1. I wish they would reimagine the whole lot… build mixed use/retail on the street, rebuild along Manchester how it’s supposed to be. Still room for parking behind or a public space/park/pedestrian mall type thing instead of the current parking lot ocean.

  2. We could really use a dry cleaners! Any dry cleaners want to move into the smaller spaces?

  3. Also there are tons of mattress stores and dry cleaners on Brentwood Blvd.

  4. Hopefully a “chicken joint” will lease it. You can never have enough chicken places to eat at