Maplewood Steak ‘n Shake is no more: what should go there now?

The Maplewood Steak ‘n Shake was reduced to a pile of rubble by Friday. The restaurant closed in January 2019, posting remodeling signs. Employees were dismissed with little warning.

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The 1.1 acre site is for lease. What should take its place?

17 thoughts on “Maplewood Steak ‘n Shake is no more: what should go there now?

  1. I hope it is not a fast food restaurant! Something healthier would be great. I would prefer a smaller business to buy the lot and bring something more positive than fast food. Maplewood doesn’t need anymore unhealthy trash food,

  2. That space is zoned ‘arterial business,’ and I’d bet that it stays that way. Considering how much has been spent recently to expand the ECC, I doubt the school district has an appetite to acquire more real estate right now. And would it be safe to have an assembly area right on Manchester Ave anyway? The city has been very accommodating to the people who live in the neighborhood, but at some point folks have to accept that they live in a dense, semi-urban area across the street from a public school.
    There’s really no telling what will go in, but that side of town could use some options other than corporate fast food…unless it’s a Lion’s Choice, of course.

  3. I have seen a lot of angst expressed in 40South in the past by neighbors of the Early Childhood Center having streets blocked by parents picking up children after school.
    The SteakNShake site would make a perfect assembly area for after school pick ups. Many parochial schools have them.

  4. What should replace it? A 3 story mixed retail/residential development with no tax abatement.

    What will replace it in the middle of a horrible economic downtown? Probably some sort of fast food place. Freddies or Culvers is my guess.

    • I wonder if there is enough room for that. If you look at Kirkwood on Lindberg close to city hall they have some nice places just like you describe, businesses on the first floor, residential on the next two. Why stop at 3 stories, why not 4 or 5?

  5. The fact that this seems to be the first of the closed Steak n Shakes to be torn down is interesting.

    Plus that there’s a “For Lease” sign out front. Makes me think it’s too expensive for the Dean family to gobble up to park more cars.

    • Correction: they’ve also torn down the Steak n Shake on Manchester in Town & Country by Queeny park.

  6. PLEASE do not let this space become another car lot or fast food spot. Their parking lots are an insane waste of space that contribute to the endless feeling of “Nowhere, USA” as one drives down Manchester. MRH School District should get it and turn it into something that improves their already great program.

  7. For lease? who owns it? Seems like there are several things that could be done. The car dealership could buy it and expand. It could be another eating establishment or it could become some small destination store of some sort. I was just by there today and wondered what will become of it that spot.

  8. The MRH School District should buy it.
    It is adjacent to the Early Childhood Center and directly across from the High School.
    It would eliminate the need to keep rezoning houses in residential areas.