Maplewood resident announces 2019 run for city council

Maplewood resident Jason Goldkamp has announced on his Facebook page, Goldkamp for Maplewood Ward 1 2019, that he’s running for Maplewood City Council.

Goldkamp said after he completes his first round of canvassing in the ward, and seeing what’s on everyone’s mind, he’ll post a campaign website.

Current Ward 1 councilwoman and deputy mayor, Karen Wood’s term expires in 2019.

Sandi Phillips was elected on Tuesday to fill a vacant seat for the ward.

Photo via Facebook

6 thoughts on “Maplewood resident announces 2019 run for city council

    • That is why I said “What?” I am not sure if MJA was joking or what. If you look Jason up on the internet he belongs to the St. Louis Democratic Socialists of America, doesn’t sound good to me.

      • Was hoping someone would see the humor in my comment… my understanding is local elections are intended to be nonpartisan. Mr Goldkamp posing at a Bernie rally indicates he is most likely a left leaning dude, probably far left.