Maplewoodian takes oath to serve on St. Louis County Council

Maplewood resident, Lisa Clancy on Jan. 1 took the oath to represent St. Louis County District 5 in the county council. Clancy defeated incumbent Pat Dolan, taking 58 percent of the vote in the August primary election.

Fox 2 reported on Jan. 2: “Clancy promises to fight for fairness and equity and said that’s what her constituents have said they want to see. She said several people have asked her if she’ll be siding with St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger or with the majority of the council. Clancy said she doesn’t believe it’s an either/or situation. She said, ‘I’m going to be forging a way for myself and at the center of all that will be the people that I represent.'”

One thought on “Maplewoodian takes oath to serve on St. Louis County Council

  1. Maplewoodian? Is that the best word we can come up with? How about Maplewoodster? Or Maplewedizen? Or Maplewesident (in Elmer Fudd-speak)?
    Just wondering. 🙂 Oh yeah, and congrats to Lisa, by the way. Hope she keeps a close watch on that Stenger dude.