Mattress Firm to close in Richmond Heights

The Mattress Firm store at 1142 South Brentwood Boulevard, in Richmond Heights, is set to close according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The company filed for bankruptcy on Friday, and the Richmond Heights store is one of 200 in the U.S. and two in St. Louis set to close in the near future.

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An analyst quoted in the Post-Dispatch said the mattress business was ripe for disruption, saying the “barrage of promotions and discounts made them feel insecure.”

4 thoughts on “Mattress Firm to close in Richmond Heights

  1. With that store closing they will still have another two stores within a half mile on Brentwood…..

  2. Was in Aldi yesterday and even they are now selling one of those “mattress in a box” foam mattresses. Just way too much competition

    • No doubt. These stores have been sprouting up like weeds over the last decade. About time for an industry shake out. Same will happen to urgent cares in a few years.