More signs on the way in Maplewood

The Maplewood Design and Review Board in April considered seven new signs for businesses that are already established.

In April the board considered signs presented for:

  • Big Bend Liquor, 3600 S. Big Bend — ground sign and window display sign
  • Goebel & Co., 7401 Manchester — wall sign
  • Side Project, 7458 Manchester — projecting sign
  • Nicole Martin Salon, 2512 Sutton — window display sign
  • Spa Qsthetics, 7170 Manchester — display window sign
  • Get the Word Out, 7405 Manchester — wall sign
  • Elements of Design Studio, 2718 Sutton — awning sign

On May 10 the board considered building alterations for Dean Team Volvo, at 7700 Manchester Road.

11 thoughts on “More signs on the way in Maplewood

  1. Just a question? I thought projecting signs were not allowed on businesses along Manchester? Why is it ok for Side Project?

  2. What is happening with Shop N Save? Is it going to remain a grocery store under a new name or will it become another chicken place?

  3. You mean Dean Team Volvo of Brentwood that’s actually in Maplewood?

    The Maplewood board shouldn’t allow them to do anything until they fix their name.

    • I agree with David.
      Their web site gives their address as: 7700 Manchester Rd, St. Louis, MO 63143.

    • Technically, it’s “Volvo Cars Brentwood”. The company originally started in Brentwood before moving down the street to Maplewood. Forcing a company to “fix” their name seems pretty authoritarian to me. What are your thoughts about St. Louis Frozen Custard being located in Rock Hill?

        • As per the Laws of 40south, Rocky Road ice cream can only be served by a business with a St. Charles Rock Road address 🙂